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    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第1張圖片



    I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.

    —Luis Barragan



    When it comes to great architecture, the most important thing isn’t always the building or its surroundings. Often what makes the biggest difference is the so-called “grey spaces.” These transitional, in-between elements such as staircases, hallways, porches, eaves and vestibules can blur, or even eliminate the boundaries between the inside and outside. They play a major role in determining whether a development is functional, or a living, breathing environment.
    Contemporary architecture embraces grey spaces, such as open ground floors and terraces, to provide shelter from the wind and rain, or sunny places where people can relax and interact in comfort. The idea is not a new one. Traditional Chinese residences frequently feature grey spaces, including colonnades and corridors, windowed verandas, platforms, porches, waterside pavilions and boat houses. Classical Chinese gardens in towns on the southern reaches of the Yangtze River are often defined by their creative use of grey spaces.
    In fact, grey space is a perfect representation of the Chinese philosophy “Unity of Man and Nature.” Rather than emphasising its existence and tangibility, grey space conjures images and creates an emotional connection between the building and its nearby environment when people are exposed to varied landscapes with every step they make.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第2張圖片
    北京故宮博物院藏·張擇端《清明上河圖》中的亭臺樓閣 (圖片來源于網絡)
    The pavilions, terraces and open halls featured in Zhang Zeduan’s “Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Qingming Shanghe Tu)”, a collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第3張圖片
    (左上)蘇州拙政園與誰同坐軒/(左下1)蘇州留園又一村/(左下2)蘇州留園游廊/(右圖)蘇州拙政園小飛虹 (圖片來源于網絡)
    (Top left) The Whom-to-Sit-With Pavilion, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou/(Bottom far left) The Youyicun Garden, Lingering Garden, Suzhou/(Bottom left) The Winding Roofed Corridor, Lingering Garden, Suzhou/(Right) The Xiao Fei Hong Bridge, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou

    All contents are subject to designverse official website

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第4張圖片


    Modern cities feature many underutilised grey spaces on public or private lots including areas under expressways, open spaces between residential buildings, unused parts of shopping malls, hidden corners in leisure plazas and public spaces inside hotels. The question is how to unlock the potential of these grey spaces through creative design? How to create more rest areas and leisure spots in bustling cities? Building upon the motto “We Create a Lifestyle”, HKR International (HKRI) strives to provide the best solution.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第5張圖片
    新加坡海軍部社區底層架空公共空間 /日本北青山混凝土退臺公寓 (圖片來源于網絡)
    Public space underneath the Kampung Admiralty, Singapore/Terraces of The Kita Aoyama Apartments, Tokyo

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第6張圖片
    多倫多高架橋下空間Bentway (圖片來源于網絡)
    Spaces under The Bentway, Toronto

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第7張圖片
    紐約曼哈頓口袋公園——布萊恩特公園 (圖片來源于網絡)
    Bryant Park, a pocket park in Manhattan, New York

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第8張圖片
    泰國Mega Food Walk商業綜合體 (圖片來源于網絡)
    Mega Food Walk, a commercial complex in Thailand

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第9張圖片
    紐約布魯克林Ace酒店大堂室外空間 &芝加哥Ace酒店屋頂活動空間(圖片來源于網絡)
    Outdoor lobby of Ace Hotel Brooklyn & rooftop event space of Ace Hotel Chicago

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第10張圖片

    香港興業國際集團于 2019 年發起 “PRI2DE 創造營” 青年設計師成長計劃,致力于為年輕設計師、藝術家搭建創作平臺,提供實踐機會。

    本次競賽項目由香港興業國際聯合國際競賽平臺 Young Bird Plan 共同發布。恰逢香港興業國際成立 45 周年,因而以其坐落在上海、香港 及曼谷的指定項目為實現場景,圍繞“45”這一主題元素,向全球征集可移動座椅概念設計方案。


    HKRI launched the “PRI2DE Creative Camp” Young Designers Development Programme in 2019, with the aim to build a platform for showcasing creative work and provide opportunities for young designers and artists to put their work into practice.
    Hosted jointly by HKRI and the international competition platform, Young Bird Plan, the initiative is aimed at collecting design works of movable chairs from around the world. Using HKRI’s successful projects in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok as launchpads, the key thematic element “45” was chosen to celebrate HKRI’s 45th anniversary.
    With the goal of creating a sense of place and delighting users through creative works from talented designers worldwide, the competition is aimed at bringing vitality to a variety of indoor and outdoor public spaces in Discovery Bay of Hong Kong, HKRI Taikoo Hui and The Sukhothai Bangkok. It also showcases the forward thinking and creativity of the HKRI brand through online and offline publicity, which helps increase awareness among the global design industry practitioners.

    香港愉景灣 —— 亞洲環保小鎮典范
    Discovery Bay in Hong Kong – An exemplification of Asia’s sustainable community development

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第11張圖片
    Hong Kong's Discovery Bay Location Map — Located on the northeastern part of Lantau Island, Discovery Bay is by far the largest private development project in Hong Kong. (Photo courtesy of HKRI)

    Discovery Bay Overview

    •占地面積:650 公頃
    •總樓面面積:約1,006,000 平方米
    •當前人口數量:來自50個國家及地區的近2萬常駐人口, 50% 以上為外籍人士
    - 乘渡輪前往市區
    - 乘巴士前往港鐵站及香港國際機場
    - 高爾夫球車 (社區內)

    ·Area: 650 hectares
    ·Project commencement year: 1979
    ·Total GFA: Approx. 1,006,000 ㎡
    ·Overall plot ratio: 0.16
    ·Current population: Approximately 20,000 permanent residents from 50 countries and regions, over 50% of whom are foreigners.
    - Ferry services offer a direct connection to downtown
    - Bus services connect to the Hong Kong International Airport and MTR station
    - Golf carts connecting the community

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第12張圖片
    Hong Kong's Discovery Bay Panorama

    上海興業太古匯 —— 都市潮奢購物地標
    HKRI Taikoo Hui – A lifestyle shopping mall and a Shanghai landmark

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第13張圖片
    HKRI Taikoo Hui is located at the intersection of Shanghai’s Yan’an Elevated Road and the North-South Elevated Road. The plot, which was formerly known as Dazhongli when it hosted one of the largest clusters of Shikumen buildings in Shanghai, is a typical urban renewal project.

    HKRI Taikoo Hui Overview

    • 2017年11月盛大開業
    • 總樓面面積 32 萬平方米,包含1個購物中心,1個地鐵商業區域,2 幢甲級辦公樓,3家精品酒店及公寓式酒店,和1棟百年建筑查公館
    • 項目整體綠化覆蓋率達到20%
    • 項目內所有建筑均已獲得LEED認證
    • 地鐵13號線上蓋,毗連12和2號線南京西路站
    • 輻射南京路周邊超過20萬白領消費客群,及周邊30萬常駐人口

    · Grand opening: November 2017
    · Total GFA: 320,000 ㎡, including a shopping mall, a subway with commercial space, 2 Grade-A office towers, 2 boutique hotels and a serviced apartment block, and Cha House, a century-old European style mansion
    · Overall green coverage: 20%
    · LEED certification: All HKRI Taikoo Hui buildings are LEED certified
    · Metro: Above Metro Line 13, and adjacent to the West Nanjing Road Station for Metro Line 12 & 2
    · Population: Connects over 200,000 white-collar workers from nearby Nanjing Road, and 300,000 permanent residents in the surrounding area

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第14張圖片

    素凱泰酒店及度假村 —— 喧囂都市中的出離之境
    The Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts – An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city


    Sukhothai means “dawn of happiness” in Sanskrit. The Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts is a curated collection of individualised hotels, each of which reflects the distinctive culture of its destination, and no two Sukhothai hotels are the same. Their sophisticated design, high quality facilities and hospitality that touches the heart mean that guests always feel at home.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第15張圖片
    The Sukhothai Bangkok – An urban oasis / The Sukhothai Shanghai – A place apart

    The Sukhothai Bangkok – An urban oasis

    • 曼谷最知名的度假酒店之一,位于市中心商業及使館區,設有210間客房
    • 酒店由知名設計師 Kerry Hill 和 Edward Tuttle 聯手打造。靈感源自泰國古都素凱泰,精心構建的寺廟佛塔和蓮池完美再現暹羅王朝時期的輝煌遺韻。
    • 餐廳 La Scala 及Celadon,以及 Spa Botanica 水療設施享負盛名
    • 酒店多年來獲頒多個地區性及國際性的獎項,包括:   
    Ø Forbes Travel Guide – 4 Star Hotel
    Ø Travel + Leisure Magazine – 曼谷最佳城市酒店

    · One of the city’s most famous resort hotels, the 210-room Sukhothai Bangkok is located in the heart of downtown and surrounded by commercial areas and embassies.
    · Created by renowned designers Kerry Hill and Edward Tuttle, the hotel takes its inspiration from Thailand’s ancient capital, Sukhothai. It is surrounded by Buddhist temples and pagodas, as well as meticulously constructed lotus ponds that pay homage to the old-world elegance and beauty of the Kingdom of Siam.
    · Its La Scala and Celadon restaurants and Spa Botanica have earned an excellent reputation.
    · The hotel has won numerous domestic and international awards, including:
    Ø Forbes Travel Guide – 4 Star Hotel
    Ø Travel + Leisure Magazine – Best City Hotel in Bangkok

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第16張圖片

    The Sukhothai Shanghai – A place apart

    • 素凱泰品牌旗下的第二家酒店,位于上海興業太古匯項目綜合體內
    • 享譽國際的如恩設計研究室(Neri & Hu)的設計力作
    • 揉合泰國傳統的殷勤待客精神、絕佳的服務和時尚摩登的舒適體驗
    • 一流的服務

    · The second in The Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts chain, The Sukhothai Shanghai is located within  HKRI Taikoo Hui commercial complex.
    · A masterpiece created by the internationally renowned architecture firm, Neri & Hu.
    · The blend of traditional Thai hospitality, great service and modern comfort delivers an exceptional experience.
    · First class service
    · Member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) community

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第17張圖片

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第18張圖片

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第19張圖片

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第20張圖片

    2. 體現香港興業國際的品牌故事和理念,特別在設計中體現香港興業國際成立 45 周年的“45”主題元素。
    3. 設計材料不限,但獎勵環保、可回收材料的運用。
    4. 設計可落地,樣品能以3D打印方式呈現。

    1. The Entrant is required to choose either Discovery Bay, HKRI Taikoo Hui or one of the hotels from The Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts (in Bangkok or Shanghai) as the scene for its design. The design for the movable chair should revolve around eco-friendly towns or grey spaces in commercial projects in the core areas of the city, including shopping malls, residences, hotels, clubs, waterfront promenades, and leisure squares. Whether they are intended for indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor use, the chairs must be easy to carry and display.
    2. The design should reflect HKRI’s brand story, revealing in particular the theme element “45,” which celebrates HKRI’s 45th anniversary.
    3. There are no restrictions in terms of materials, but the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials are encouraged.
    4. Practicality and functionality of the chair design shall be taken into account. The prototype can be 3D printed.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第21張圖片

    1. 契合香港興業國際的愿景、使命及價值觀。在設計中體現香港興業國際45周年的概念,融入“45”主題元素。
    · 愿景:執業界牛耳  創生活空間
    · 使命:群策群力、創新為先、卓越為求、健康為本獨樹風格生活體驗
    · 價值觀:PRI2DE——Pioneer推陳出新,Respect尊人重土,Innovation不同凡“想”,Integrity堅守誠信,Devotion傾心傾“誠”,Excellence止于至善。
    2. 具有創造力和當代性,整體美觀及令人印象深刻。
    3. 融入商業及社區等空間并注入活力,為使用者營造貼近生活的藝術體驗。
    4. 考慮實用性和可移動性,可落地。樣品可以3D打印方式呈現,易于搬運移動。
    5. 考慮可持續發展,鼓勵使用環保、可回收材料。

    1. Match HKRI’s vision, mission and values. The design should showcase HKRI’s 45th anniversary by integrating the theme element “45”.
    · Vision: To be the pioneer of innovative living space.
    · Mission: We strive to create a healthy, stylish and distinctive living experience through teamwork and passionate pursuit of innovation and excellence.
    · Values: PRI2DE – Pioneer - Break new grounds; Respect - Value the individual and cherish our environment; Innovation - Think outside the box; Integrity - Uphold high ethical standards; Devotion - Be committed and passionate; Excellence – Consistency in the pursuit of quality standards.
    2. Creative and contemporary: The overall design should be modern and aesthetically impressive.
    3. Integrated: Inject vitality into commercial and community spaces to create an artistic lifestyle experience for users.
    4. Practical and movable: The work shall be able to execute in the real world. The prototype can be 3D printed and easy to transport.
    5. Sustainable: The use of materials for environmental protection and recyling is encouraged.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第22張圖片

    1. 香港興業國際宣傳視頻
    2. 香港興業國際四十周年圖冊
    3. 《未艾·方興——從大中里到興業太古匯》
    4. 香港愉景灣
    5. 上海興業太古匯
    6. 曼谷素凱泰酒店
    7. 上海素凱泰酒店
    8. 灰空間相關資料

    1. HKRI Corporate Video
    2. HKRI 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book
    3. On the RISE – From Dazhongli to HKRI Taikoo Hui
    4. Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
    5. HKRI Taikoo Hui
    6. The Sukhothai Bangkok
    7. The Sukhothai Shanghai
    8. Related grey spaces information

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第23張圖片

    可移動座椅案例Movable Chair Design Examples
    001 F.U.A. Urban Furniture Design in Madrid by David Cárdenas + Enrique Espinosa + Juanito Jones + Maria Mallo + Lys Villalba + Zuloark

    001 F.U.A.城市家具設計,馬德里 by David Cárdenas + Enrique Espinosa + Juanito Jones + Maria Mallo + Lys Villalba + Zuloark


    F.U.A. is a prototype urban furniture ecosystem that perfectly integrates the social, the energetic and the environmental spaces. The entire sustainable urban furniture collection is built based on a vision of reuse, ease of use and mobility. The urban furniture system consists of a series of seating spaces. Material for the seats was recycled from abandoned wooden benches in Madrid that had previously been piled up in the city council's furniture warehouse.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第24張圖片

    002 帝國廣場社區辦公大樓入口空間可移動座椅,東京 by ikg inc.
    002 Tuning Zone in Tokyo by ikg inc.


    The Tuning Zone is designed to be an "Oasis that stimulates the human five senses". The organic space fuses greenery, light, sound and natural forest scents to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is an inclusive space where people can casually stop by to relax, chat, or work. The chairs and benches can be moved around for events and concerts.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第25張圖片

    003 3D打印樹盆座椅,希臘   
    003 3D Printed Tree Pot Chair in Greece

    “打印城市”是荷蘭The New Raw研究設計工作室發起的一項計劃,旨在通過回收塑料垃圾來重塑城市的公共空間。其與希臘可口可樂公司合作建立的“零浪費實驗室”,為市民提供3D打印定制的城市家具。此案例為其中一件打印作品。

    'Printing the City' is an initiative by the Dutch research and design studio, The New Raw, to reinvent a city's public spaces by recycling plastic waste. Its “Zero Waste Lab,” established in cooperation with the Coca-Cola Company of Greece, provides citizens with customised, 3D printed urban furniture. The Tree Pot Chair is one example.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第26張圖片

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第27張圖片

    1.方案需整體呈現于不少于 2 張 A2 縱向圖紙上(上限5張),要求圖紙清晰,標注可讀(頁邊距10mm),包含:

    1. The design proposal should be presented on no less than 2 sheets of A2 vertical drawings (a maximum of 5), which should be clear and readable (with a margin of 10mm), including:
    - Short description: No more than 1,200 words, with details about the materials and technical processes used;
    - Registration number: Located on the upper right corner of the drawing and set in 20 point Arial font.
    - Drawings should include elevation, axonometric, renderings, detail drawing, model drawing or exploded views.
    2. Drawings can be submitted in JPG format (no larger than 10MB for each sheet).
    3. The proposal’s title shall be as simple as possible. File name should be saved in the following format: Registration No. – Proposal Title
    4. The submitted proposal shall be in English or bilingual (English and Chinese).
    5. When drawings and text are submitted online, the work shall be placed within the frame provided by the Organisers.
    6. The cover, which is the key visual image of your design work, must be submitted online and uploaded as 1045×654 pixel, 72 dpi, less than 2MB.
    7. All drawings and descriptive text must not disclose any of the Entrant’s identity information (such as Name, School Name/ Organisation Name). Any violation of this policy will result in the Entrant’s disqualification.

    Work Submission Reference

    Diagrams, structural analysis, structural details and models

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第28張圖片

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第29張圖片

    2. 任何設計、藝術相關學科背景的從業人員、學生、愛好者均可參加,包括但不限于,產品設計、建筑、公共藝術、室內、景觀等專業設計師以及設計愛好者。
    3. 每個參賽編號最多能提交 2 份作品,大于兩份作品時,需另外注冊賬號獲取參賽編號。
    4. 團隊所有成員均需預先在 designverse 設計宇宙官網注冊,再由組長邀請完成組隊,常見問題請關注官網Q&A。

    1.The Competition is aimed at nurturing and supporting young designers. Entrants may participate as individuals or in groups. However, each group shall not exceed 3 persons. The team leader of each Entrant shall be under 35 years of age.
    2. The Competition is open to professionals, students and amateurs with a background in design and art, including but not limited to product design, interior design, architectural design, landscape design and public art.
    3. Each registration number can submit a maximum of 2 entries. If you wish to submit more than 2 entries, you should register separately to obtain another registration number.
    4. All team members must register on the designverse’s official website in advance, and then be invited by the team leader to complete the team formation. For frequently asked questions, please browse the Q&A section on the official website.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第30張圖片

    2022年4月14日   競賽發布
    2022年6月19日   作品提交截止
    2022年6月29日   公布入圍
    2022年8月01日   公布10強 & 開啟大眾投票
    2022年8月14日   大眾投票截止
    2022年8月17日   三強及可持續材料特別獎公布
    以上時間表僅供參考,具體時間以 designverse官網發布為準。

    2022.4.14     Call for entries
    2022.6.19     Submission deadline
    2022.6.29     Release of shortlisted winners
    2022.8.01     Release of Top 10 & public voting
    2022.8.14     Public voting deadline
    2022.8.17     Release of Top 3, the Champion & Special Award for Sustainable Materials
    The above timeline is for reference only. The specific timing is subject to the designverse’s official website.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第31張圖片

    ★ 冠軍獎金(1名):人民幣50,000元(稅前);作品打樣;獲獎證書
    ★ TOP2獎金(1名):人民幣20,000元(稅前);作品打樣;獲獎證書
    ★ TOP3獎金(1名):人民幣10,000元(稅前);作品打樣;獲獎證書
    ★ 入圍:入圍證書。

    ■ Champion (1 winner): A prize of RMB 50,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
    ■ Runner Up (1 winner): A prize of RMB 20,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
    ■ Second Runner Up (1 winner): A prize of RMB 10,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
    ■ Special Award for Sustainable Materials (1 winner): A prize of RMB 10,000 (pre-tax) + Certificate of Honour
    ■ Top 10 (7 winners): Prototype for Work + Certificate of Top 10 Honour
    ■ Shortlist: Honourable Shortlist Certificate

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第32張圖片

    1.登錄官網 www.designverse.com.cn 或【閱讀原文】即可報名。
    2.歡迎關注微信公眾號:designverse設計宇宙 / 香港興業國際 ; 官方微博:@YoungBirdPlan / @香港興業國際 獲得競賽最新資訊。
    3.如有任何疑問,可以添加個人微信號:youngbirdplan 或進入官方網站進行咨詢。

    1. Register by logging into www.designverse.com.cn or click 【Read More】.
    2. For the latest information about this Competition, please follow the official WeChat account: designverse設計宇宙 / 香港興業國際 or the official Weibo account: @YoungBirdPlan / @香港興業國際;
    3. Contact the Competition Secretariat directly by adding youngbirdplan as your WeChat friend, or submit queries through the official website. We remain at your service to answer any further questions you may have.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第33張圖片


    ■ 原創聲明:參賽作品是參賽者原創作品,未侵犯任何他人的任何專利、著作權、商標權及其他知識產權;該作品未在報刊、雜志、網站及其他媒體公開發表,未申請專利或進行版權登記,未參加過其他比賽,未以任何形式進入商業渠道。一旦查實非原創作品,主辦單位有權立即取消其參與、入圍與資助資格,收回資助資金物資及保留追究法律責任的權利。如主辦單位因此被起訴或產生其他損失的,主辦單位有權要求該參賽者進行全額賠償,主辦單位已先行賠付的,有權向參賽者追償所有直接損失及間接損失(包括且不限于律師費、訴訟費、保全費、鑒定費、公證費等)。

    ■ 同意聲明:本次大賽采用線上評選的方式,參賽者上傳作品即表示同意授權主辦單位為舉辦大賽目的向所有人署名或隱名的形式展示作品,同意大賽確定的評選方式。參賽者提交作品之前,已仔細閱讀所有條款,充分理解并表示同意,本次大賽的評委會對所有獲獎作品的評選結果擁有最終裁定權。




    在競賽結果發布之前,參賽者須對其設計作品保密,直到 2022 PRI2DE 創造營——「移步“椅”景」可移動座椅國際設計競賽獲獎者正式公布。如有違反,將取消參賽資格。

    其他更具體的官方規則將發布在 designverse 官網競賽規則中請仔細閱讀。

    In accordance with applicable laws and regulations of PRC, by participating in this competition, each Entrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the statements below about the copyrights for all submissions.

    ■ Statement of Originality
    All submissions mustbe original, and each Entrant shall ensure that his/her/their entry doesnot infringe any other’s rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights, trademarks and intellectualproperty rights. Entrants must not publish their submissions in any media, including but not limited to newspapers, periodicals, magazines and websites. Entrants must not use their Entry to participate in other competitions, or register, patent or copyright any ideas contained therein, or employ any method to take their Entry concept to the commercial market. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualified from the competition, and the organisers will withdraw all subsidies and materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability for any infringement. All damages and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Entrant; and all direct and indirect damages (including but not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs, notarial fees, and so on) suffered by the Organisers shall be compensated by the Entrant.

    ■ Statement of Consent
    By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to authorise the Organisers to publicly display the work, including credited or hidden names, to anyone for the purpose of holding the competition, and accepts online assessment as the selection process in the Competition. Before uploading a submission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has or they have read and fully understood and accept(s) all the clauses mentioned. The judging panel reserves the right to make final decision on the entry assessments and the winning entries.
    According to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, the Competition Secretariat invites professional field experts to form a judging panel and work on the appraisal of entries. If there is any dispute on an entry, please contact and report it to the Competition Secretariat with corresponding proof (such as related files of the plagiarised work). If the plagiarism is verified and confirmed after investigation, it will result in automatic disqualification from participating in the Competition or winning an award.
    *Under no circumstances shall the Entrant contact or try to contact any member of the judging panel. Any form of violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification.
    The Entrant ownsthe copyright of the Entry according to applicablecopyright Law. No submission shall be altered orreproduced by any others without the consent of theEntrant. The Organisers own the rights topublish, promote andpublicise, display, exhibit and reproduce all award winning works. Organisers have priority in obtaining the sole right of ownership of the intellectual propertyof the entrywork. During the procedure to transferthe ownership of the intellectual property, said ownership willbe defined in the detailedagreement signed by the Competition Secretariat and the Entrant.
    The confidentiality of the entry work shall be maintained by the Entrant until the Champion of the 2022 PRI2DE Creative Camp Movable Chair International Design Competition is formally announced. Any form of violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification.
    Complete details of the Official Rules governing this Competition will be published on the designverse’s website. Please read them carefully.

    2022 PRI2DE 創造營——『移步“椅”景』可移動座椅國際設計競賽全球發布第34張圖片

    香港興業國際 HKRI


    HKR International Limited has diversified interests in real estate development and investment, property management, luxury hotels and other investments in China and across Asia. We strive to create a healthy, stylish and distinctive living experience through teamwork and an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. The Company’s diverse portfolio includes Discovery Bay and CDW Building in Hong Kong, HKRI Taikoo Hui in Shanghai, and a number of premium residential properties in Shanghai, Jiaxing and Hangzhou as well as The Sukhothai Bangkok and apartments, etc. HKRI has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1989, under the Stock Code of 00480.
    Website: www.hkri.com

    Young Bird Plan嫩鳥計劃



    Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan, is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements – fabrication, mentor guidance and an interdisciplinary jury – it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecture design, landscape design, interior design, product design, logo design and fashion design. In the past five years, it has attracted participants from 1,045 top design institutions and 4,257 top design agencies domestically and worldwide, covering 310 cities in 75 countries.

    The platform constantly connects and meets various demands from political, business, and academic circles and actively fills supply and demand gaps among designers, manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. We are committed to design and innovation, and offering opportunities for creative minds around the world to participate in the creation process, so as to propel the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. As one of the most influential design competition platforms around the world, and based on approximately 30 competitions held in the past 9 years, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers.





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